The Eric Hayman Award For Excellence

The Eric Hayman Award for Excellence is our industry’s most prestigious award, now in its 30th year.  Past recipients have been extremely influential and hardworking industry leaders.

Do you know a worthy nominee that has made a significant positive impact at a national level ideally in the past few years?  Please have your say and tell us who you’d like to see recognised for their contribution to the caravanning and camping industry.  We are looking for a true industry ambassador!

You can nominate any individual, group, company or organisation in the caravanning and camping industry.  And there is no need to be shy- if either yourself or your business are deserving, you can go ahead and nominate yourself.

Award coordinator Ron Chapman will develop and oversee a panel of past award winners, who will vote to decide the recipient of this year’s award.  All you need to do is nominate a deserving industry member.

Nomination Process

Let us know who you are nominating and why. Keep it under two pages but be sure you include the reasons you think the nominee is deserving of our most prestigious award.

Nominations are closed.

Previous Recipients

[ve_list css_animation=”fadeInDown” list_item_1=”2018 – Stuart Lamont” list_item_2=”2017 – Ron Cregan” list_item_3=”2016 – Mark Lindsay” list_item_4=”2015 – Dennis Austin” list_item_5=”2014 – Col Parrot” list_item_6=”2013 – Bob Browne” list_item_7=”2012 – Gerry Newton” list_item_8=”2011 – Barry Baillie” list_item_9=”2010 – Bob Gadd” list_item_10=”2009 – Merv King” list_item_11=”2008 – Rob Funder” list_item_12=”2007 – Noel Guthrie” list_item_13=”2006 – Barry Baillie & Australian Caravan Safaris” list_item_14=”2005 – Tony Bellamy” list_item_15=”2004 – Bruce Binns” list_item_16=”2003 – Norton Whitmont” list_item_17=”2002 – Garry Bushell” list_item_18=”2001 – Max Elsley” list_item_19=”2000 – Gerry Ryan” list_item_20=”1999 – Neil Chesney”][ve_list css_animation=”fadeInDown” list_item_1=”1998 – Top Tourist Parks of Australia” list_item_2=”1997- Hugh Isermann” list_item_3=”1996 – Richard Davis” list_item_4=”1995 – Levin O’Brien” list_item_5=”1994 – Geoff Hocking” list_item_6=”1993 – BIG4 Tourist Parks” list_item_7=”1992 – Coromal Caravans, Jayco Caravans, Gold Caravans, Roadstar Caravans” list_item_8=”1991 – Ron Chapman” list_item_9=”1990 – Eric Hayman”]