Wednesday 30 March
Time Duration Speaker Topic
03:30pm 15 mins Uncle John Graham Welcome to Country
03:45pm 45 mins Grant Wilckens - Chairman Opening Address
04:30pm 15 mins Trent Rowe - Dometic Major Sponsor Address
04:45pm 60 mins Michael Crossland - Inspirational Australian A Story of Hope
Thursday 31 March
Time Duration Speaker Topic
07:30am 60 mins Brian Parker CFA - Australian Retirement Trust Investment Breakfast:
Years of Living Dangerously: Investment Prospects for 2022 and Beyond
09:00am 45 mins Matina Jewell - Leadership Strategist Leadership and Resilience
09:45am 30 mins Panel
Kate Meldrum - THL
Anthony Kittel - Redarc
Being an Employer of Choice
10:15am 30 mins Co-Presentation
Alistair Mitchell - LIVIN
Luke Foster - LIVIN
What happens after RUOK? - Mental Health
11:30am 20 mins Jamie D'Argent - Cyber Aware Case Studies - Cyber Security within the Industry
11:50am 30 mins Panel
Bosch Australia
Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd
Caravan 2030
12:20am 40 mins Gus Balbontin - Alternative Futurist, Investor, Advisor Future Trends
Friday 1 April
Time Duration Speaker Topic
07:30am 60 mins Talis Evans - BDO
Simon Westaway - Royce Communications
Political Breakfast
01:30pm 45 mins Mark McKeon - Sustained Peak Performance Expert Managing Conflict
02:15pm 30 mins Panel
Future Leaders Finalists
The future through the lens of our Future Leaders
02:45pm 45 mins Bernard Salt AM - Social Commentator, Business Analyst The post-COVID Customer