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With over 50 years’ experience in power solutions combined with manufacturing and design facilities in Melbourne, Australia, we are the leading experts in RV power and control management.

Inspired by the great outdoors, we have created a range of rugged, smart and reliable products powering your adventures. Our range of battery, power and RV management control systems gives you peace of mind when you are on the road, so that you can relax in even the most far‐flung destinations, knowing you have control over your vehicle.

BMPRO has over 150,000 systems installed across various combinations of power management, control and monitoring systems in the RV industry worldwide. BMPRO currently supplies the majority of all substantial RV manufacturers in Australia and is well respected for its high quality and service levels. Our range of Smart RV solutions is also available in the USA, with more and more RV models manufactured by Jayco USA and Thor Motor Coach featuring Australian smart technology on board their vehicles.

Many of the systems available now are very new to the RV market. Our R&D department houses leading edge technology with highly trained and experienced automotive and electronic engineers who use the latest design tools to create unique solutions. BMPRO is one of the pioneers using digital platforms in RVs with one of the world’s largest install bases of smart power management systems. We continue to research the latest trends and combined with extensive research within the RV consumer market we provide ideas and products which are at the forefront of making the RV users experience during their holidays free of any unnecessary drama.

BMPRO strives to give RV owners the best possible experience in utilising smart technology, enabling the true benefits of the available functionality. That’s why we are working constantly improving our current product range and offering new level of freedom to RVers. Thus, earlier this year we have launched SmartConnect, a range of Bluetooth sensors integrated with smart RV control and monitoring systems such as JHub and Odyssey. Instead of systems becoming outdated and not upgradable, BMPRO systems onwards from 2020 are now adaptable, where new feature sets can be added at various stages of their RV journey.

SmartConnect is now offered through all major RV brands as part of their 2020 offering. As a world first in adaptability of RV Monitoring and Control, SmartConnect allows the RV’s system to be expanded and adjusted to customer’s needs over time.

BMPRO – powering your adventures.