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Life is busy. There is no denying it.

It’s 5.30pm, the camp site is ready. What are we having for dinner?

Let Chef Direct by Marathon take care of your main course within minutes!

Our ‘centre of plate’ range is convenient, tasty, and nutritious.

You may ask, “Just how tasty and nutritious could shelf stable meals really be?”

Well, let us tell you.

Chef Direct by Marathon use good wholesome ingredients, including 100% Australian lamb and beef and add no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Our use of clever technology and packaging creates a meal solution that retains its goodness and flavour and is fully shelf stable allowing it to be stored with or without refrigeration.

Think of it as modern-day bottling, with that homemade taste you love.

Protein-based meal solutions that have 12 months shelf life. Chef Direct by Marathon is everyone’s ‘Perfect Travel Partner’, just add your favourite side.

Dinner Done!