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The Cruisemaster Difference

At Cruisemaster we make the bold claim of being “Australia’s leader in all terrain towing technology”. Many in the industry make claim to similar monikers so what is the true Cruisemaster difference?

Quality without Limits
Cruisemaster is extremely proud of our globally recognised achievements highlighting the outstanding quality of our products and processes. Cruisemaster has held ISO9001:2015 accreditation for a staggering twenty-one continuous years. The team at Cruisemaster have also won numerous industry awards over our proud history including the SAE Gold Award in 2017 for Cruisemaster’s contribution to trailer suspension systems.

Testing Without Limits
The R.A.T. Run (Remote Area Testing) Program is Cruisemaster’s notorious real-world testing program. Having been Run annually now for over ten years this is the team’s opportunity to push prototype products to the extreme in real world conditions before being released to market. If you aren’t familiar with the program do yourself a favour a search “R.A.T. Run X” on Youtube.

A Range Without Limits
There would be very few in the industry if any with a more comprehensive range than that of Cruisemaster. Most notable for our range of independent suspension systems and couplings; but this really just scratches the surface with somewhat unspoken depth to our range.

Independent Arm Suspension Systems
• ATX – The industries premium suspension option
• XT – The most customisable system on the market ready to tackle any terrain
• CRS – Country road suspension perfect for tackling Australia’s dirt roads
• GT – Road suspension refined. Taking the benefits of independent suspension and creating a lightweight road-based system.

• DO35 – Market leading 3.5T all-terrain articulating pin coupling
• DO45 – Tame the beast with the DO45. 4.5T all-terrain articulating pin coupling

Plus additional items that may not garner the same fan fare but still remain industry stand outs in their own rights.
• Cruisemaster Heavy-Duty Stands and Jacks
• Cruisemaster Explorer and Xtreme Leaf Spring Systems
• Cruisemaster All-Terrain Electric Brakes

To learn more about Cruisemaster visit or check them out on social media @cruisemastercounty.