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Greenplate is an all Australian owned and operated company based out of Capalaba Brisbane. The company specialises in manufacturing energy efficient mains electric, solar electric barbecues and a range of utilitarian solar products including LED lighting, automated locking systems and power generation.

Greenplate has an extensive client base ranging from Local, State and Federal Government Agencies, Holiday Parks, Architects, Engineers and many more. As a Quality Assured ISO 9001:2015 company Greenplate ensures consistency in quality, reliability, service and providing our customers with confidence that each product has been extensively tested prior to dispatch.

Recently, we reviewed our manufacturing processes. Decisions were made to scale down our overseas manufacturing facilities and move the operation back to Queensland. This will now allow Greenplate to provide locally manufactured products for our customers. Australian materials are now being sourced wherever possible and, most importantly are supporting more Australian jobs and the Australian economy. Australian owned, Australian operated and now, Australian made!

We take Public Health and Safety seriously here at Greenplate.
1. Incoming power is converted to 24V at the hotplate and 5V at the control button.
2. Gasket separation between hot plate and bench top ensures preparation area stays cool
3. Fully compliant easy-to-read Warning and Usage Instructions.
4. Push-button On /Off control and 6 second delay option to prevent accidental ignition and 5 second push and hold to turn off
5. Safe, rounded corners on Equal Access Barbecue Systems.

Patented 1.8kW heating element draws just 7.8AMPS.
1. Up to 50% less energy than more common, conventional technologies on the market.
2. Adjustable, digital temperature control module allows cooking temperatures up to 400°C.
3. Can be powered by AC/Mains Power or DC/Solar Power or a combination of both.
4. PID Temperature Control coupled with MOSFET microsecond power adjustment ensure virtually no noticeable changes in hot plate temperature during cooking cycles in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

Carefully Selected, Fit-For-Purpose Materials.
1. Mono-pressed Duplex Stainless-Steel Cooking plate. The stainless steel selected for our BBQ provides excellent anti-warping, corrosion resistance and heat transfer properties.
2. Stainless steel Sub-Structures and Bench Tops ensure the best possible resistance to all weather conditions also offering excellent resilience to vandalism and high usage – Backed by a lifetime structural warranty!
3. Top quality electrical components – purpose built for reliability and durability.

Authorities in thin film solar systems.
1. Various applications including lighting, locking and our award-winning barbecue systems.
2. Exceptional resistance to vandalism, theft, and extreme weather conditions
3. Outstanding performance in low light and high temperature conditions
4. Low maintenance and easy, peel-and-stick installation.


For BBQs and Street Lighting
Greenplate Smart Management Systems provide an integrated view of your Assets and their performance helping to maximise ROI, reduce life cycle and maintenance costs, improve fault response times, and extend asset life. Available now for Greenplate BBQ Systems and Greenplate Solar Lighting Systems.