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Jeff Dunn has lost track of how many thousands of kilometres he’s travelled over the years in his mission to help reduce Australia’s cancer burden.

A Professor and Officer in the Order of Australia, his job as the CEO of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia has seen him drive the length and breadth of Australia.

“I’ve probably done hundreds of thousands of kilometres over the past 25 years – and the road won’t end until we defeat this disease,” he says with a characteristic Australian smile.

An internationally esteemed researcher, Director of the Union for International Cancer Control, and World Cancer Leader, Dunn was born and bred in Queensland, where geographic decentralisation is a barrier to cancer control.

He pioneered one of Australia’s first research projects to map regional variations in cancer survival, a project that culminated in the publication of Australia’s first Atlas of Cancer, proving that distance in Australia can be a matter of life or death.

It’s work he now continues at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, having commenced as the CEO in March 2019.

“By 2040 we predict there will be 372,000 men living with or beyond prostate cancer in Australia, representing a 76 per cent increase from 211,000 today and the greatest number of men or women diagnosed with any single cancer.

“Alarmingly, men in regional and rural areas of Australia face a 24 per cent higher risk of death, a trend we must change.”

Dunn says we all have a role to play in cancer control, and credits recent improvements in survival to the support of community and corporate partners, such as Tyrepower Australia.

“Over the past 30 years prostate cancer survival rates have gone from just 58 per cent to 95 per cent today, which is a remarkable achievement.

“In the Australian context, this is credit to rapid advancements in research, awareness, and support for patients – much of which has been enabled by public and private investments to fund life-saving work.

“Over many years PCFA has been fortunate to be benefit from a tremendous partnership driven by Tyrepower, who have helped us stay on the road in more ways than one.

“That’s the beauty of the partnership for me – over the years they’ve kept me safe on the road and helped keep us in the driver’s seat to ensure Aussie blokes don’t die before their time of prostate cancer.

“The partnership exemplifies the Australian spirit.”

Tyrepower National General Manager Simon Bateman says it’s a winning deal that gives back great benefits to Tyrepower customers and the community.

“With over 270 independent stores within our network, a customer and community focus is key to everything we do.

“We place strong value in loyalty and trust, ensuring that beyond the best brands and expert advice, we can confidently say we strive to keep our customers healthy and safe.

“Like PCFA, we’ve got a strong regional focus and are positioned to meet the needs of Australian men, women, and families, irrespective of where they live or whether they drive a small car or a caravan.

“For both our organisations, being on the road to beat prostate cancer is a worthwhile mission.”