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QSuper is one of Australia’s largest super funds and has been supporting employers and members for more than 100 years – in the good times and the tough ones.
As a profit-for-members fund, everything QSuper does is to benefit members. To do that, QSuper works with more than 78,000 employers of all sizes to help make their super obligations easy, while providing the experience needed when questions arise.

Business support
QSuper could help you stay on top of your super obligations and understand how much and when you need to pay. Dedicated support, streamlined processes and the Employer Direct portal combine to help you look after your super arrangements quickly and easily.
QSuper can also work with you on tailored financial wellbeing programs that support your employees. A new range of contactless services, such as webinars, online tools and over-the-phone advice [1], help members feel more confident about their financial future, regardless of where they work.

Market leader
QSuper’s investment strategy is proving a stand-out in weathering the ups and downs of the market as financial markets across the world continue to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
The fund recently won the prestigious Chant West Best Fund for Investments award for 2020 [2] – one of numerous awards QSuper has received on behalf of members.
Employers can feel confident knowing QSuper aims to keep fees as low as possible while working hard to grow members’ retirement savings. This approach helped earn the SuperRatings’ Platinum Performance rating 10 years in a row for the QSuper Accumulation account, acknowledging that the fund provides value for money [3].

Peace of mind
QSuper offers death, total and permanent disability and income protection insurance that is flexible and can be tailored to suit a member’s personal needs [4].

If members need to make a claim, QSuper aims to make the process easy and straightforward and will work with you, your employee and healthcare professionals to get the best outcome for all.

Open to everyone

Anyone can become a QSuper member, regardless of whether they work in the private or public sector. In fact, more than 585,000 Australians trust QSuper with their retirement goals.

For straightforward guidance on your super obligations, and more information on making QSuper your default super fund, visit the QSuper website or phone 1300 472 282.


[1] Advice fees may apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide for more information.

[2] Awarded 14 May, 2020. Chant West does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see chantwest.com.au. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Awards and ratings are only one factor when deciding how to invest your super. For more details, visit the QSuper website.

[3] Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Based on the QSuper’s Accumulation account Balanced investment option. SuperRatings Fundamentals report as at 2020. This finding is based on the industry average measures for $50,000 invested in the Balanced investment option using the actual net returns and fees from the current product disclosure statement when we printed the report. It doesn’t include the cost of insurance. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. When making decisions about the product, you should consider things like fees, the services and benefits offered, and long-term performance.

[4] Eligibility and conditions apply.

[5] Source: Independent online survey of 3,554 QSuper members conducted by Ipsos on behalf of QSuper, August 2019. A 78% majority of employees who attended a financial education activity or event organised by their employer over the past year felt more positive than they had beforehand.

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