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The World’s Innovators of Fun.

Splashtacular can transform your facility with a waterpark that will be a splashing success. From water slides to water features, aquatic play units or complete water parks we can customise a solution for you that will increase your revenue and keep your customers coming back time after time.

There is the ordinary and then there is Splashtacular. Our unique designs, high levels of quality and customisd design all mean your waterpark will be the envy of others and the go to destination for your clients.

Complete with Australian engineering design and installation certification, you can rest assured that safety and design have been done specifically for your site and your wind zones.

The Splashworx custom design system is specially developed by Splashtacular to ensure the high levels of safety and design that Splashtacular demands are maintained. Your facility is custom designed for your location and your soil conditions and not just a one size fits all solution.

Made entirely in the USA and Australia the materials used are high quality and meet all Australian Standards. Do not settle for low cost inferior products from other parts of the world. An investment in a waterpark should be something that lasts for a substantial amount of time and not something that you are replacing every few years.

All our water features and aquatic play units come in stainless steel as standard. All fixings and connections are stainless steel and designed to last.

Our waterslides come with a unique protective coating on the outside called “Keep it Shiny” TM. This unique coating will keep the outside of your waterslides looking bright, fresh and new for up to 7 times longer then traditional fiberglass slides. That old tired faded look will be a thing of the past with this coating and will highlight and keep your slides fresh and new over many years.

Why not add light and sound to your waterslide experience. We can add a range of custom lighting, sensory experiences, translucent banding and sound experiences including jukebox activation, stop and go lights, timing systems and custom LED light shows to really highlight your facility at night.

Got a special theme for your facility then why not have your waterpark match that theme. We can provide custom themeing to your waterpark with imagination the only limiting factor. Happy just to have it bright and colourful. With 182 standard colours and endless specialty colours available we can easily make it is a colourful as you like.

Talk to us today about designing your next waterpark, water features or water slides. We can provide no obligation custom designs and pricing free of charge.