ModnPods Tour

This is your chance to get a behind the scenes look at cutting-edge and sustainable modular housing production at the ModnPods factory on the Gold Coast.  Generously hosted by ModnPods themselves, delegates will enjoy a guided tour throughout the impressive facility ahead of the conference opening on Wednesday.
Numbers are strictly limited.  Registration for this exclusive opportunity is mandatory and only available to National Conference participants.
EventModnPods Tour - Hosted by ModnPods
DateWednesday 15 May
Time08.45am - 10.45am
LocationThe ModnPods Factory in Arundel
TransportBuses are departing from the RACV Royal Pines
CostIncluded for Parks Delegates (registration required)

About ModnPods

ModnPods’ mission is to reduce carbon footprint wherever possible with sustainability woven throughout the entire pod process including design, fabrication, and installation.

Staying true to ethos and brand foundations, a heavy focus is put on being a local manufacturer, using 90% Australian-made materials and products that are sourced within 150kms of the factory.

ModnPods is a leader in the industry of modular pod solutions.  Manufactured right on the Gold Coast, not only the pods, but the customer service is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

What you see if what you get with ModnPods.  No hidden costs.  Personal budget and costings laid out.  Specification fit-out and selections to best suit the climate and environment of your project.  A modular accommodation solution like no other.