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Why spend money on videographers making content you are not happy with?
Learn simple tricks with us to jumpstart you to making your own professional videos. You won’t need a camera or computer, it’s all done on your phone! We take the stress out of making videos. SIMPLE. We will teach you how to make your own engaging and storytelling videos only using just your SMARTPHONE.


As a small business you’ve got enough to do!

We get it, there are A LOT of upfront and even unexpected costs, so where do we find the budget to market our awesome product or service we’ve just created?

The social media realm moves rapidly fast. It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest trends and apps, and know which one is best for you. One thing we can confirm for you is, VIDEO is here, AND it is here to stay.

OK for those with an endless budget and in house departments, but what about the rest of us?

This is why TAP EDIT GO was created. To educate you and provide you with the accessories to make your OWN VIDEOS!

OK, So How Do We Work?

TAP – We teach you how to TAP into the core values and message of your business to decide what is the video you need, not what you want. We will then guide you on how to get all the right angles and shots to tell a story from start to finish.
EDIT – We will take you through each step on how to EDIT your video using the apps we think (and know) are the best! You will know how to add subtitles, music, and many more design features after completing our course.
GO – We will provide you with expert feedback to give your video an extra polish before going live to your consumers! It doesn’t end there…You’re a Tap Edit GO-er for life now! You become part of our private Facebook group where you continue to receive on-going video support!